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17.12. "Learning Statistics with StatTools" Book

Applies to:
StatTools 5.x and 6.x

Is Albright's Learning Statistics with StatTools included with StatTools and the DecisionTools Suite?

StatTools 6.x:
The PDF is not included with the software, but can be purchased from our Web page.

StatTools 5.5.1, 5.7, and 5.7.1:
The StatTools Help menu contains a link to the PDF.

StatTools 5.0 and 5.5.0:
The book is installed with StatTools and The DecisionTools Suite but is not linked from any of the menus. To access the PDF, please follow these steps:

  1. Open My Computer and navigate to your Palisade installation folder. (By default that is C:\Program Files\Palisade or C:\Program Files (x86)\Palisade, but you may have installed the software to another location.)
  2. Within the Palisade folder, double-click StatTools5, then Examples, then English, then Albright.

last edited: 2012-11-06

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