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5.10. User Manuals for Releases 5.x

Applies to:
All products, releases 5.x
(If you have 6.x software, see User Manuals for Releases 6.x.)

Where is the user manual for my software?

In releases 5.0, 5.0.1, and 5.5.0, click the Windows Start button, then All Programs or Programs, then Palisade DecisionTools, and you can then select the user manuals.

Beginning with release 5.5.1, Palisade removed the documentation links to simplify the Start menu. You can still find them in the menus of the individual tools.

For instance, to read the @RISK documentation, run @RISK (click the Windows Start button, then Programs or All Programs, then Palisade DecisionTools, then @RISK for Excel). Click the question-mark-in-a-circle icon. The first item, Documentation, leads to the user manual and the help file. The second item, Developer Kit, leads to the help file and the manual for the Visual Basic interface to @RISK.

The user manuals for release 5.7.1 can also be downloaded from Palisade's Web page, Product Manuals and Documentation.

last edited: 2013-01-03

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