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4.36. "Exception of type PalPipeError"

Applies to: @RISK 6.0.1

When I run a larger simulation with multiple CPU enabled, @RISK uses only one CPU. Performance Monitor shows the master CPU as green, but the worker(s) as red with a status of "Exception of type PalPipeError in method ParallelSimMsgPipe::Transact". What is wrong?

The copies of @RISK 6.0.1 and The DecisionTools Suite 6.0.1 that were available for download between 15 Oct and 24 Oct 2012 contained an error in the way the worker CPUs are controlled. If you downloaded the software before 15 Oct or after 24 Oct 2012, your copy is not affected.  No other release numbers are affected.

To solve this problem, download and install a fresh copy of @RISK or The DecisionTools Suite. If you need a download link, please contact Technical Support and include your serial number or Activation ID.

Install the downloaded program right over the existing copy of @RISK or The DecisionTools Suite (requires full administrative rights). If the installer prompts you for permission to perform an upgrade, click Yes.

Last edited: 2013-04-25

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