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4.9. Non-English Versions of Software Release 5.7

This article relates to releases that are no longer sold, but it is retained for the benefit of our customers with existing licenses. For current information, please see Non-English Versions of Palisade 7.x Software.

Applies to:
@RISK for Excel 5.7
The DecisionTools Suite 5.7
Evolver 5.7
NeuralTools 5.7
PrecisionTree 5.7
StatTools 5.7
If you have a later release, please see Non-English Versions of Software Releases 6.x.

Question 1:
I received an Activation ID and a link to an English-language add-in for Excel. But I would like to install it in (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish). Must I install the English version first?

Response 1:
You can install English first and then another language, you can install the other language alone, or you can install English after installing another language. Here's how:

  1. Please visit our Web page at and select your preferred language in the box immediately below "Software Updates and Upgrades". Then choose the correct product and edition. Caution: @RISK cannot be activated if your license is for the Suite, and the Suite cannot be activated if your license is for @RISK. If you don't see your product and edition listed, or you're not sure, please contact Technical Support at and include your serial number in your message.

  2. Download and install your preferred language version.

You can repeat this for additional languages.

You will need to activate the first language version that you install, using the Activation ID you were given, but additional languages will share in the same activation and will not need to be activated separately.

Question 2:
I already have release 5.7 of the software in English or another language. Can I add a language?

Response 2:
Yes, you can install an additional language by following the procedure in Response 1 above. You will not need to reactivate the product, because one Activation ID covers all languages.

Question 3:
I already have software release 5.0 or 5.5. Can I install language versions in 5.7?

Response 3:
Yes, if your maintenance contract is up to date. In that case, follow the installation instructions in Response 1. If you have multiple languages, you will need to upgrade all of them, or else uninstall the unused ones before beginning the upgrade. It is not possible to have version 5.0 or 5.5 on the same computer with 5.7.

If your maintenance contract is not up to date, please see Non-English versions of @RISK 5.5.

Question 4:
I have multiple languages installed. How can I switch between them?

Response 4:
In the @RISK Utilities menu (the monkey-wrench or spanner icon), click Application Settings and choose your desired language. The program and most documentation will appear in that language, but the Six Sigma manual and help file will still appear in English.

Non-English editions of Palisade products require the correct Windows code page. For example, to use the Japanese version of @RISK, you must be on a computer with the active code page set to Japanese. If you are running on Japanese windows, this will automatically be set by default. However, if you are running Japanese @RISK on a non-Japanese machine, you will need to change the default Windows setting, which can be found on the Advanced tab in the Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.

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