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2.10. Sharing @RISK Models with Colleagues Who Don't Have @RISK

Disponible en español: Compartir modelos de @RISK con Colegas que no poseen @RISK
Disponível em português: Compartilhar modelos do @RISK com colegas que não possuem @RISK

I have @RISK for Excel. I would like to ship my worksheet with results to a colleague who has Excel but not @RISK. Can I do this?

If you have @RISK 5.0 or later, your colleague doesn't need any special software. The Swap Out Functions feature makes it very easy to share workbooks with colleagues who don't have @RISK.

After you swap out functions, the @RISK functions are all replaced with numbers.  Save your workbook, and your colleague can view it in Excel with no need for other software.  (This replaces the Spreadsheet Viewer that was used with @RISK 4.x.)

When you reopen the workbook, the functions should be swapped back in automatically. If you have any difficulties, please see @RISK Functions Don't Reappear after Swapping Out.

If you have an earlier version of @RISK and you'd like to use this feature, please contact your Palisade sales manager to obtain the current version.

Which numbers does @RISK place in the cells in place of the distribution functions?

By default, @RISK will replace functions with the displayed static values of the functions, as defined in Setting the "Return Value" of a Distribution. But when you request the swap, you can open the Swap Options dialog to override this. In Swap Options, you can specify expected values, most likely values (mode), or a percentile for all functions that don't have RiskStatic property functions defined.

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