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2.18. File Compatibility: @RISK 4.5–7.x

Applies to: @RISK 4.5–7.x

I have some models that were developed with an older version of @RISK. Will they work in @RISK 7?

@RISK 4.5, 5, 6, and 7 model files (Excel workbooks) are generally compatible. Models created in an older version of @RISK should run just fine in a later version. Simulation results between the two, on the same model, should be the same within normal statistical variability. They will typically not be identical, iteration for iteration, because of precedent checking and other features introduced in newer releases. (See Random Number Generators for more details on this point.)

There are three caveats with using older models in @RISK 5, 6, or 7:

Models created in a newer version of @RISK should run fine in an older version, as long as they use only features that were available in the older version. If you define a model using new features of @RISK, you probably will not be able to use that model with older versions of @RISK. Two notes:

I saved simulation results with the older version of @RISK. Can the new version read them?

@RISK 5, 6, and 7 can read each other's simulation results, whether stored in the Excel workbook or in an external .RSK5 file, but they cannot read @RISK 4.5 simulation results.

Exception: If you filtered simulation results (Define Filter command) in @RISK 5 or @RISK 6 and stored the filtered results in the Excel workbook, @RISK 7.0.0 can't read the file. This is fixed in 7.0.1, but if you still have 7.0.0 please see "Could not read data from file ...tmp." for a workaround.

@RISK 4.5 cannot read simulation results that were created by later releases, whether stored in the Excel workbook or in an .RSK5 file.

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