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16.9. Insert a Node in a Decision Tree

Applies to: PrecisionTree 5.x–7.x

How can I add a node within a branch when using PrecisionTree—in other words, how do I create another decision level in the middle of a tree?

In PrecisionTree 6.x and newer, right-click on any node and select Insert Node. A new node will be inserted to the left of the selected node.

In PrecisionTree 5.x, follow this procedure:

  1. Copy the portion of the tree which will be to the right of the new node by right-clicking on the node and selecting Copy SubTree.
  2. Create a new tree to save the contents of the copied sub-tree by clicking on the Create New Decision Tree button and selecting a blank cell. When the tree options dialog appears, click OK.
  3. Right-click on the end node of the tree you just created and select Paste SubTree.
  4. Delete the original subtree by right-clicking on the node and selecting Delete SubTree.
  5. Create your new node where the subtree was just deleted.
  6. Right-click on the end-node of the new node and select Paste SubTree.
  7. Delete the decision tree that you created to save the subtree by right-clicking on the tree name and selecting Model » Delete.

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