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19.4. Developer Kits, Visual Studio, and .NET

This article relates to discontinued products, but is retained for the benefit of our customers with existing licenses. For current information, please see Support Policy for RDK, BDK, EDK, and RODK.

Applies to:
BestFit Developer Kit (BDK) 4.x
Evolver Developer Kit (EDK) 4.x
@RISK Developer Kit (RDK) 4.x
RISKOptimizer Developer Kit (RODK) 4.x

Which versions of Visual Studio and .NET can I use for developing with the DKs?

All developer kits are compatible with .NET Framework 1.0 and all later versions, as of March 2014. Visual Studio 2002 and all later versions, as of February 2012, will convert and run the .NET examples we ship.

Our DKs are written not in .NET but in C++, so .NET is not required. They have an object-oriented COM interface written in VB6 that can be used directly in COM (say in VB6) without .NET being involved. DKs make that COM interface available for .NET programing (using COM-to-.NET Interop).

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