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1.19. Permissions Needed to Install and Run the Software

Disponible en español: Permisos Necesarios para Instalar y Ejecutar el Software
Disponível em português: Permissões necessárias para instalar e executar o Software

Applies to: All products, all releases

@RISK and other Palisade products run on a standard user profile, don't they? Some companies limit all employees to the basic user profile and withhold "power user" access for routine work. These companies want Palisade software to work on the plain user profile rather than change company policy.

We need to distinguish between installing the software and running the software.

To run the software, almost any account is sufficient. You need only the typical limited permissions, such as being able to create files in the system TEMP folder, to view the folder where the Palisade software was installed, and to read and write to HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the System Registry. A Windows 7 "regular user" should have no difficulties.

To install the software, you need full administrative rights. Some examples include the ability to add and change System Registry keys including HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and the ability to write to files in the Windows system folder. (That's not a complete list.)

Many companies make their users administrative users, but with some particular privileges removed. If that's your situation, please ask an IT person to do the installation for you. Remember, you need full administrative rights.

After installing the software, you will need to activate the software (applies to standalone versions and Enterprise workstations). This is a security measure, similar to what Windows XP does, and it prevents one copy from being installed and run on multiple computers. We recommend that the activation be done in the same full administrator account that installed the software; it will then be authorized for all Windows accounts on that computer.

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