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6.37. Writing Simulation Data to Excel

Applies to: @RISK 8.2 onward

I want to get all the simulation data for a specific output or input, how can I do that?

You have two options on how to get this information.

The first way is through the Browse Results window. In the bottom right hand corner there is an Export button. From here you can either copy the data and paste the values into Excel, or Export the values to Excel. Copying will give you only the values, exporting will give you more information regarding the distribution name and location.

The second option is using a built in report. In 8.2 there is a new report added called Simulation Data. In this report you can either specify which distributions you are interested in, or select all of them. You can also choose to include the thumbnail graphs or filters.

Last edited: 2021-07-23

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