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11.3. @RISK for Project not in v8

Applies to:
@RISK 8.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

Where can I find @RISK for Project in v8?

The link between @RISK for Excel and Microsoft Project schedules that was offered in previous versions of @RISK is not included in @RISK 8.0.  This means that Monte Carlo simulation of Microsoft Project schedules is not available in @RISK 8.0.  However, cost risk analysis and schedules built in Excel can still be simulated as always.  Palisade is actively evaluating how to best integrate leading-edge schedule risk analysis going forward.  Please note, you may install both @RISK 7.x and @RISK 8.0 on the same machine (although they cannot be run simultaneously).  This enables you to keep performing schedule risk analysis in Microsoft Project using an older version of @RISK, which Palisade will continue to support.

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