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8.3. Footprint Mode Shows Different Values from Data Window

Applies to:
@RISK 5.x–7.x

I get some errors in outputs during my simulation, so I open the Data Window, click an iteration with errors, and click the icon for shoeprint mode (footprint mode). But the output that shows an error in the Data Window shows a number in the worksheet. (Or they both show numbers, but different numbers.)

When you go into shoeprint mode, @RISK places all the input values for that iteration into the workbook, but it doesn't set the outputs. Instead, @RISK tells Excel to recalculate the workbook, and Excel fills in the output values.

Thus, @RISK outputs can be different from what they were during the simulation if you changed your workbook logic after running the simulation, or if your workbook contains features that make the simulation non-reproducible. See "Reproducibility" in Random Number Generation, Seed Values, and Reproducibility.

I get some errors in an input during my simulation, but when I use shoeprint mode (footprint mode) the worksheet cell shows a number.

Does the cell contain a formula with conditional logic, such as

=IF(A45="Yes", RiskNormal(250,15), 0)

Remember that @RISK doesn't record results of a cell formula; it records values of a distribution—RiskNormal, in this case. When A45 is something other than "Yes", the cell formula has a value of 0, but RiskNormal has no value because it's not evaluated, and therefore @RISK records a value of "Error". In other words, "error" for an input might mean an actual error, such as mathematically impossible parameters, or it might mean that the logic of the model caused the distribution not to be evaluated during that iteration.

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