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15.25. Time Needed for Testing Sensitivity

Applies to:
NeuralTools 6.7/7.x

I clicked on the Testing Sensitivity command, and it estimated a very long time to complete the analysis. Is there some way to shorten it?

The analysis has to run very many training sessions to assess the stability of the testing process. Your end result is some knowledge of the range of error measures when holding out various percentages of cases for testing. In deciding whether to assess testing sensitivity, you're deciding whether it's enough to know that one testing session had an error of X, or you need to know if another training session might have error of 2X or X/2.

The analysis time depends on training time (which could be fixed time or variable, as set in the training dialog), number of different % values, and the setting Number to train for each % value. If you reduce either of the last two, you will reduce the analysis time proportionately.

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