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12.6. #VALUE for all Numbers in New Tree

Applies to:
PrecisionTree, all releases

When I create a new tree, the root node looks fine, but as soon as I add other nodes all values and probabilities change to #VALUE.

Excel is set to manual calculation. You can tap the F9 key to recalculate the workbook and change all the #VALUE to numbers, or you can change Excel to automatic calculation to eliminate the problem.

Does Excel ever change my calculation mode on its own?

Yes, Excel can silently change the calculation mode in a workbook, so that you don't notice when this happens.

Excel's calculation mode is a global setting but is also stored in each workbook. If the first workbook you open is in Manual Calculation, then all later workbooks opened in that Excel session will also be in Manual Calculation. Any saved workbook will include the current calculation option, with effect the next time you open that workbook in Excel.

Therefore, you should check the calculation mode after opening your workbook(s) but before creating or editing your tree.

If you find you're in Manual Calculation and you want to be in Automatic Calculation, change it and save every workbook. (You may need to change something in each workbook. Options are not always saved if there were no actual changes to the workbook.)

See also: Microsoft's article How Excel determines the current mode of calculation.

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