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6.25. "Object variable or With block variable not set" when Importing MPP File

Applies to:
@RISK 6.x/7.x when used with projects

When trying to import an MPP file in @RISK, I get "Object variable or With block variable not set."

The scenario described is unusual, but unfortunately the only known fixes for it are very drastic.

If you get this error message but your computer has not been through the sequence of events listed in either bullet, odds are that something different is wrong, and it may be possible to make Office and @RISK talk to each other on your computer without reinstalling Windows.

If this symptom is associated with installing and uninstalling multiple versions of Microsoft project, you may have been hit by an unfortunate bug in the MS Project installers. This could be either of:

We have duplicated this both on a real machine and on a virtual machine. After either sequence of events, Project won't talk to @RISK, and there is no known way to fix it. Palisade Development researched this on the Web and found numerous mentions of this problem, unconnected with @RISK, so it appears to be an Office issue. If you are in this situation, try a different machine. As an alternative, you could wipe your hard drive (first deactivating the @RISK license, of course) and then install Windows and Office from scratch.

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