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1.27. Re-Register All Libraries

Applies to:
All products, releases 7.5.x/7.6.x

This file is intended for use under guidance of Palisade Tech Support.

We have seen one or two cases where the installer ran without error, but the interfaces for our software were not registered. We don't know what prevented the registrations from being made during install or broke them after install, but we have a batch file that should re-register everything without running the installer. It also contains extra error checking aimed specifically at this issue. However, it doesn't diagnose missing files–it assumes those are part of products you haven't installed.

If Palisade Technical Support representatives direct you to this article, please follow the directions and report the results back to them.

  1. Save the attached file to any convenient folder.
  2. Open the folder where the file was saved. Press and hold the Shift key, right-click the saved KB1676 file, and select Copy as path. Release the Shift key.
  3. Open an administrative command prompt—see this article if you're not sure how to do it. (You must open an administrative command prompt. It's not enough to right-click the saved file and select Run as Administrator.)
  4. Click into the command prompt window, right-click and select Paste. Press the Enter key.

If the registrations all run successfully, you'll get "Success!" in the window. In that case, retry the operation that was a problem before.

If you get "FAILURE" in the window, make a screen shot of the command window and of any popup window and send them to the Palisade representative.

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