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17.10. Cluster Analysis Methodology

Applies to:
StatTools 7.x

What methodology is used by StatTools cluster analysis?

StatTools provides Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC).

This procedure starts with each object representing an individual cluster, and then these clusters are sequentially merged according to their similarity. Similarity is achieved by use of an appropriate metric (a measure of distance between pairs of observations), and a linkage criterion which specifies the similarity of clusters as a function of the pairwise distances of observations in the clusters. The similarity sij between two clusters is given by

sij = 100 · (1 − dij/dmax)

where dmax is the maximum value in the original distance matrix D.

StatTools offers these linkage methods and metrics:

The choice of metric or linkage method will influence the final number of clusters. Therefore, you may need to spend some time looking at your data set and choosing an appropriate metric and linkage. If in doubt, you might perhaps try different approaches and compare the results.

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