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4.57. "The correlation matrix ... is not square."

Applies to:
@RISK 4.x–7.x

When I run a simulation, I get the message

The correlation matrix ... is not square.

The "..." is replaced by the workbook, worksheet, and cell range address of the matrix.

"Not square" means that the number of rows is different from the number of columns, and "the correlation matrix" is a matrix that is specified in the first argument of one or more RiskCorrmat functions.

Take a look at the address, and see if it represents the same number of rows and columns. For example, AF106:AG106 is one row and two columns. If that's the situation, look at the first argument of every RiskCorrmat function in your model, and make the needed corrections. In recent releases of @RISK, you can find all the RiskCorrmats easily by opening the model Window and clicking the Correlations tab. If that option is not available, use Excel's Ctrl+F search function. Click Options, select Within: Sheet and Look in: Formulas, and remove any check marks in the two boxes.

If you have Excel 2003 or earlier, with @RISK 4.5.7 or earlier, maybe you intended to create a matrix larger than 256×256, but broke it up incorrectly. See "Correlation Matrix Exceeds Excel's Column Limit" for the correct way to format a correlation matrix that exceeds older Excels' 256-column limit.

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