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2.4. Excel Closes after the Software Loads

Applies to:
@RISK, NeuralTools, StatTools

Does not apply to:
BigPicture, Evolver, PrecisionTree, TopRank

When I launch @RISK, NeuralTools, or StatTools, Excel opens, and a series of messages in the Excel status line shows components of the Palisade software loading. But at the end of that, instead of displaying the READY status, Excel closes without displaying any error message. The other tools in the Suite load and run normally.

The customer who reported this problem had the DecisionTools Suite 7.5.1. Most likely the same would happen with some other releases of the software, but we don't know which ones. This is an unusual problem, and we've had only one case of this specific issue so far. The customer actually found the solution, after we and they spent considerable time troubleshooting. We're recording it here to save time for others with a similar security suite.

The issue was some high-security software, specifically HBSS (Host-Based Security Solution) and HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) within McAfee. HBSS was blocking Excel when the @RISK, NeuralTools, or StatTools add-ins loaded within Excel. The solution was to capture the software fingerprints of those three add-ins from ePo and add them to the whitelist exemptions list.

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