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4.19. Window Opens Briefly, Then Closes

Applies to: @RISK 7.x

I have "Automatically Show Output Graph" selected. At the end of simulation, the Browse Results window opens briefly and then closes itself. The same thing happens if I click Browse Results.


When I click Define Distributions the window opens briefly, then closes. "Saving workbook" appears briefly in Excel's status line.

A customer found the solution to the Browse Results problem, which we posted here to benefit others. The same solution worked when another customer reported the Define Distributions problem.

Each customer had a OneDrive connection to Excel, and every time the spreadsheet updated it autosaved. With the OneDrive connection and @RISK, autosave was causing the problem. The solution was to turn off autosave, under Options » Save.

Another possibility is that there is an autosave toggle in the upper corner of the Excel window. Turning this off should stop it.

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