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2.41. "Could not launch the Excel executable"

Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, all releases

When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools I get this error message:

Could not launch the Excel executable

If your maintenance contract is current, make sure that you have applied the latest updates for the Palisade products in which this error is occurring. The Web page shows how to get updates, or your Palisade sales manager can assist you.

After applying the update, re-test the problem. If the problem persists, you can force the Palisade product to launch Excel by specifying the path to the Excel.exe in the Windows Registry as follows Please use the technique in Which Version of Excel Is Opened by Palisade Software? to set the Excel path in the System registry.

If you prefer not to edit the System Registry, you can work around the problem by simply opening Excel before @RISK (StatTools, PrecisionTree, ...).

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