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7.17. Quick Report for Just One Output

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

I have quite a few outputs. When I generate Quick Reports, @RISK produces a separate worksheet for each of them. This takes a long time, and really I only want to report on just a few outputs. Is there a way to create Quick Reports just for one or a few selected outputs?

You can create a Quick Report for a single output from the Browse Results screen. While browsing that output, click the Edit and Export icon, next to the help icon at the bottom of the window. Quick Report (singular) is the first selection.

If you want a Quick Report for another output, click on that output and then the Edit and Export icon. TIP: You can use the Tab key to move the Browse Results window to the next output, and the next, and the next. Shift+Tab does the same, but in the opposite order.

Last edited: 2017-09-27

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