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3.16. "Borrowing is not allowed for this license."

Applies to: All Concurrent Network products 6.x/7.x

When I try to borrow a network license for use off network, I get this message:

Borrowing is not allowed for this license. Please contact your server administrator to request borrowing.

As the message suggests, this is a configuration issue under the control of your network administrator. Palisade cannot assist with this; you will need to contact the server administrator within your company. He or she may have simply accepted the default setting of "no borrowing", or may have taken a considered decision not to allow borrowing.

Instructions to the server administrator who wishes to permit borrowing are in the article Step 2: Set Options—Borrowing (7.x).

Instructions to the end user for borrowing a license, if the server administrator has authorized it, are in Borrowing a 6.x/7.x Concurrent Network License for Use off Network. You may need to close and reopen the end-user software after the server administrator makes the configuration change, to make the software go back to the server for a new license.

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