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4.65. "This selection isn't valid" in Quick Reports

Applies to:
@RISK 7.5.1, possibly earlier versions also, when using Excel 2016

When my model has only one output, I can generate the Quick Report just fine after a simulation. But when I have more than one output, @RISK creates the sheet for the first Quick Report and then displays this message:

This selection isn't valid. Make sure the copy and paste areas don't overlap unless they are the same size and shape.

Several customers who have advance builds of Excel 2016, through the Office Insider program, have reported this issue. One of the Office updates in their channel introduced an error in Excel code called by @RISK. We have verified that the Excel problem exists in build 16.0.8201.2102.

As of 20 Sept 2017, we found that later Office builds have corrected the problem, so you may want to check for Office updates and install all uninstalled updates. If you have build 16.0.8431.2079 or newer, you should not experience this problem.

As an alternative, or if recent Office updates aren't available to you for some reason, you can use @RISK's Custom Reports.

Last edited: 2017-09-26

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