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1.3. Office Insider and Palisade Software

Applies to:
@RISK 7.x
BigPicture, all releases
Evolver 7.x
NeuralTools 7.x
PrecisionTree 7.x
StatTools 7.x
TopRank 7.x

(Earlier Palisade releases are not supported with any version of Office 2016 or 2019 or 365, Insider or not.)

Why don't you support Office Insider builds with your software?

By design, Microsoft's Office Insider program pushes out pre-release builds to Office 365 subscribers. These new builds come very frequently, sometimes more than one in a week. Although we are a Microsoft Partner, we get no advance notice of these updates, and we have no way to test them with our software before they are rolled out to users. (Each rollout seems to happen over a span of days or weeks, so even if you're in the program you may not yet have the latest build.) Unfortunately, on multiple occasions an Office Insider update has caused Palisade software to fail in some way that is extremely time-consuming to diagnose.

This isn't just a problem for Palisade software users; it can affect any add-ins for Microsoft Office.

Unfortunately, we cannot support and troubleshoot issues caused by Office Insider pre-release updates. However, issues that arise with Insider updates and add-ins are often later resolved with the release of subsequent Insider updates.

When you report a problem with Palisade software and you have a maintenance contract, we will suggest known solutions to you. If those don't work, and you are running an Office Insider build of Microsoft Office, Palisade Technical Support will regretfully be unable to continue assisting. In such a case, be sure to give Microsoft detailed feedback on the problems caused by the update, using the procedure in the Frequently Asked Questions on the Office Insider main page. You can continue with updates until Microsoft fixes the problem, or discontinue your Office Insider subscription and return to the monthly production releases of Office.

How can I tell if I'm an Office Insider?

You are an Office Insider if—

See the attached screen shot.

What can I do if I'm in the Office Insider program and don't want to be?

On Excel's File » Account page, click the Office Insider button and you should be able to change your level or leave the program.

Or, see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Office Insider main page, specifically "How can I opt out?"

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