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4.15. Tornado Graph Can't Show All Simulations

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x

In the @RISK ribbon, I have Simulations set greater than 1. But when I display my tornado or spider graph, and click the "Select Simulation #" icon at the bottom of the graph, the choice "Show All Simulations" is grayed out.

This is by design. According to the @RISK manual:

Only tornado graph types that have a baseline of zero can be overlaid. These types are Regression Coefficients, Regression — Mapped Values, Correlation Coefficients, and Contribution to Variance.

Thus, the tornado and spider graphs for Change in Output Mean, Change in Output Percentile, and Change in Output Mode cannot be overlaid, neither different outputs nor different simulations of the same output.

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But I'm trying to show a histogram or an S-curve, and "Show All Simulations" is still grayed out.

If the most recently displayed tornado or spider graph was a Change in Output Statistic graph, @RISK doesn't reset the "overlays allowed" flag when you switch to a histogram or an S-curve. Select a regression or correlation tornado, then your desired histogram or S-curve. You will then be able to show all simulations.

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