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7.28. Sharing @RISK Graphs with Colleagues Who Don't Have @RISK

Applies to: @RISK 7.x
(Several options are also available in earlier @RISK releases.)

How can I output an @RISK histogram and/or tornado graph so that someone without @RISK can see them?

There are several possibilities, but the basic idea is that if you put a graph in the workbook, it is permanently there and independent of @RISK, so that a colleague can see it even if they don't have @RISK. The graph will be static, in that changing numbers in the workbook won't change the graph. Most graphs give you a choice of Excel format or a picture. An Excel-format graph can respond to themes, and you can edit its axes or titles or change colors. A picture is just that, a static image.

Here are some methods to place graphs in your workbook:

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