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15.3. Order of Variables, Order of Cases

Does the order of my variables (columns) or cases (rows) matter, in the NeuralTools training process? It seems like I get different results if I move them around.

There's no reason to expect better results with one ordering than another. But it is possible for the algorithm to behave differently depending on the order, yielding a somewhat different neural net depending on the ordering. With some types of nets, results will differ between two training sessions with variables in the same order; see Technical Questions about the Training Process.

The question of time series sometimes comes up. NeuralTools doesn't "understand" time series, or the idea of one case being related to the case in any particular other row. If you have data in a time series, you represent that to NeuralTools by making the dates one of your independent variables.

Last edited: 2017-05-11

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