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20.3. Opening Your Temp Folder

What is a "temp folder", and why do I care?

The temporary folder or "temp folder" is where most programs write temporary files, files that will not be needed after the program is closed.

Over time, these orphaned files accumulate, because there's no provision for purging them automatically. At best, they're taking up space on your hard drive and making backups take longer. At worst, they can actually make Windows run slower and cause Excel to behave erratically. Therefore, it's good to purge them periodically. See Cleaning Your Temp Folder.

Also, as part of troubleshooting a problem, Palisade Technical Support may ask you to send us some files from your temp folder.

How do I find that folder and open it?

The simplest way is to let Windows find and open it for you, as follows:

Additional keywords: Temp directory, temporary directory

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