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8.53. "Type mismatch" Prevents Distribution Fitting

Applies to: @RISK 7.0.0–7.5.0, Professional and Industrial Editions

I'm trying to fit distributions to my data, but as soon as I click Distribution Fitting » Fit, I get this error popup:

Type mismatch

The dialog box never appears.

This is a known problem with the @RISK releases mentioned above, but it's rare: only two customers have reported it as of 2017-02-13, when this article as written.

The issue is that somehow—we don't know how—the list of distributions to fit in the System Registry has been changed to the eight characters <<NULL>>. The fitting dialog reads this invalid value and doesn't know what to do with it. This problem was first reported after 7.5.0 was released, and was corrected in 7.5.1.

To resolve the problem, do any one of the following:

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