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8.40. "Invalid matrix location" when Defining Correlations

In @RISK, I click Define Correlations, add my inputs, set my coefficients, set the matrix location, and click OK. I get the error message

Invalid matrix location

The location I picked is all empty cells, and the address range is valid. What's the problem?

In Excel, click Formulas » Name Manager. You probably have one or more names pointing to #REF. This can happen when you define a correlation matrix in @RISK and then delete it in Excel, or in some scenarios when you delete worksheets or move worksheets between workbooks.

To solve the problem, delete all the names that point to #REF. You will then be able to define your correlation matrix.

To prevent the problem from recurring, don't delete correlation matrices in Excel. Instead, use the Delete Matrix button in the Define Correlations dialog. That will not only delete the matrix, but also delete the name in Name Manager and remove the references to the matrix from the @RISK distributions.

Last edited: 2016-08-26

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