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8.15. Define Distributions Does Nothing, Results Graph Stuck at "Simulation Starting"

Applies to: @RISK 7.5.0 only

My Define Distributions button doesn't do anything. I can enter distributions through Insert Function, but when I click Start Simulation the results graph window just shows "Simulation is starting. No data to graph."

Before you conclude that something is wrong, check the Excel status line while the simulation is starting up. If you see a succession of status messages, you probably don't have the problem discussed in this article. You may not have any problem at all. Particularly if your simulation is large, or if you have lots of correlations or many iterations, it can take some time before the first iteration begins, and then a bit more time till you start seeing a results graph. If you have a Progress Window, you definitely do not have the problem in this article.

This problem is resolved in @RISK 7.5.1.

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