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2.3. After Reset, Can't Load Response File (Standalone License)

Applies to: Standalone licenses 6.x/7.x/8.x

Oops! I clicked Reset, and now I can't get back to the Manual Deactivation screen to load the response file.

In this case, you must use a back-door method to finish the deactivation.

  1. Save the deactivation response file to some folder on this server, such as C:\Windows\Temp. (Caution! You need the response file, ResponseDAct.xml, which you received from Palisade, not the request file that you generated locally.)

  2. Launch the Palisade software and click Help » License Manager. In @RISK verison 8, click @RISK » License Manager. Click the magnifying glass at the lower left. The Advanced Options screen will open. On that screen, click Execute.

  3. Enter the command
    -process "C:\WindowsTemp\ResponseDAct.xml"
    including the leading hyphen. (If you used a different folder in step 1, use it here also.)

  4. After a few seconds, a Notepad window will open. If the word SUCCESSFULLY appears near the end of the output, the deactivation is complete. Close Advanced Options and the Notepad window, and click Refresh on the main screen.

  5. If SUCCESSFULLY does not appear, please email Palisade Technical Support, and include these items:

    • Give your software serial number in the text of your email.
    • Save the Notepad file with the results of the process command, and attach it to your email.
    • Click the View button, save the new Notepad file that it displays, and attach that to your email also.

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