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2.3. Recommended Option Settings for Excel

Disponible en español: Opciones de Configuración Recomendadas para Excel

Applies to: All products, when used with Excel 2013 and 2016

Are there any special settings I need to make in Excel to use it with @RISK (BigPicture, Evolver, ...)?

Enable multi-threaded calculation:

Note: Though this is a global Excel option, it can also be changed by opening a workbook where the option was set differently. Check the status of the option while your particular workbook is open.

Disable the Excel start screen (only with Palisade 7.0.1 or older): If you have Excel 2013 or newer, and your Palisade release is before 7.5, disable the Excel start screen, as follows:

  1. Launch Excel. It doesn't matter whether you open a workbook or not.
  2. Click File » Options » General.
  3. Remove the check mark from the last option, "Show Start screen".
  4. Click OK and close Excel. (You must close Excel after clicking OK. After this, it will remember the setting.)

We recommend this because, if the Excel start screen is enabled, some add-ins may not load correctly. This can lead to intermittent errors at any point during your Excel session. By un-checking the option, you don't lose any functionality, since you can always click the File tab in the Excel menu.

With Palisade software 7.5 or newer, there's no need to disable the Excel start screen, tough you still might want to do it just to simplify the Excel interface.

Choose "optimize for compatibility" with Excel 2016 and newer:

Click File » Options and look at the beginning of the General section. If you have When using multiple displays under User Interface Options, select Optimize for compatibility.

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