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2.58. "FLEXnet returned error code –12"

Applies to: Palisade Concurrent Network software, releases 6.x/7.x

When I try to launch my software, I get this message:

Authorization failure.
FLEXnet returned error code –12: Invalid returned data from license server system.

This is probably a port-number conflict, which must be resolved by your server administrator. There could be a conflict in LMGRD ports between this client and your license server, or one port used two ways on your license server. If you specify a port for any FLEXnet-licensed application, that port must not be used in any other way on the same server.

Client-server port conflicts:

Client and server must agree: either LMGRD port number unspecified on both, or LMGRD port number specified and the same on both.

To find out what port the client is trying to use, look at the System Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FLEXlm License Manager\PALISADE_LICENSE_FILE or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\FLEXlm License Manager\PALISADE_LICENSE_FILE. To find out what port is specified on the server, run Palisade Server Manager, click Open LIC Folder, and look at the Server.lic file. If there are two arguments on the SERVER line after the word SERVER, the LMGRD port is unspecified. If there are three after the word SERVER, the third is the LMGRD port number.

If the LMGRD port is unspecified on the server, make certain that nothing else is using any of ports 27000–27009.

Server-server port conflicts:

On the server, the simplest setup is to set both the LMGRD port number and the vendor daemon port number as dynamic (unspecified). It's also okay to specify one but leave the other as dynamic, or to specify both. If you do specify both, they must be different.

Important: If you have FLEXnet products from multiple vendors, either the LMGRD port for all of them (including Palisade) must be dynamic (unspecified), or you must specify LMGRD ports for all of them, and each application (including Palisade) must specify a different LMGRD port. Vendor daemon ports can be mixed between specified and unspecified, but you can't specify the same vendor daemon port for two FLEXnet applications.

If you leave the LMGRD ports on all products as unspecified, make sure that no non-FLEXnet software is using any of ports 27000–27009.

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