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4.13. Tornado Graph Is Missing an Input

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

My tornado graph doesn't show a particular input, even though I can see from the formulas that it is a precedent of this output. Why?

There are several possible reasons this could happen.

Are other, more significant inputs crowding out this one? Tornado graphs can only show a limited number of bars, and naturally they show the inputs with the greatest effect on this output (or the greatest correlation to it). See Tornado Graph — How to Set Defaults to find out how to increase the number of bars. If you're already at the maximum, see Placing Change in Output Statistics in Worksheet or Regression Coefficients in Your Worksheet to compute the sensitivity numbers in worksheet functions.

Is the input not being collected? In Simulation Settings, on the Sampling tab, have you set Collect Distribution Samples to Inputs Marked with Collect? In that case, only the inputs that you have marked for collection in the Model Window, or with a RiskCollect property function, can appear in any tornado chart.

Is a RiskMakeInput function excluding this input? When you wrap a formula in a RiskMakeInput function, then all tornado charts exclude any inputs in that formula, as well as all cells referenced in that formula, and all precedents of those cells. Please see Excluding an Input from the Sensitivity Tornado and Combining Inputs in a Sensitivity Tornado for more about how RiskMakeInput works.

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