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3.30. "Unable to load response file."

Applies to: All products, releases 5.x and newer

I'm trying to activate or deactivate my license. I click Load Response File and submit my file, but I get this message:

Unable to load response file.

ERROR: Processing response - {50019,41141,,22}

If you need help please contact Palisade at

(The error number may vary.)

The most likely cause is submitting the wrong file.

Sometimes people accidentally submit their request file after clicking Load Response File, instead of their response file. Verify that your file name includes the word "response".

Be sure you're using the right response file for an operation. If you sent the request file to Palisade Technical Support, look at the email response you received and verify that you are using the file that was attached to it.

Also verify that you're using a current response file – right click it and select Properties to check the date and time. The response file should be the most recent response file you have.

Last edited: 2016-03-11

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