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3.21. "PalOutOfProcessServer has stopped working"

Applies to: All products, when used with Excel 2016, Excel 2013, or 64-bit Excel 2010

At some point during execution of @RISK (Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, StatTools, or TopRank), I get the message

PalOutOfProcessServer7 has stopped working


PalOutOfProcessServer6 has stopped working

This is not a licensing issue, even if you see "Authorizing" in the Excel status line. PalOutOfProcessServer is the bridge from @RISK and our other software to 64-bit Excel 2010, or to Excel 2013 and newer Excels. If PalOutOfProcessServer can't load, then the rest of @RISK can't talk to Excel.

This error could result from a number of different conditions. What follows is a list of the known causes. Please try each of these first, but if none of them resolved the problem please contact Palisade Technical Support.

Last edited: 2017-08-04

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