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1.21. Automating Palisade Software

Applies to:
Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR)
Palisade's Excel add-ins, releases 5.x–7.x

How can I control @RISK or my other products through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)?

The Excel Developer Kits (XDKs) ship with the Professional and Industrial Editions of our products. These are Visual Basic libraries that let you control @RISK and our other applications. They let you exercise maximum control with minimum development time, but your user must purchase and install the Palisade application. For an introduction to using an XDKs, run the product and click Help » Developer Kit (XDK) » Automation Guide. For a complete reference to all objects, properties, and methods, see the XDK Reference in the same menu.

Can I include the calculations in my own applications with my own user interface instead of Palisade's?

For this requirement, we offer the Palisade Custom Runtime (PCR). The PCR contains the calculation engines of most of our Excel add-ins. This means that PCR applications can run on computers that don't have @RISK or our other add-ins, or even Excel. Applications using the PCR are developed as part of a customized development agreement with Palisade. Please visit our Custom Development page or consult your Palisade sales manager or for more information about the PCR and custom development.

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