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13.3. Using Auto Arrange in BigPicture

Do you have any tips for using Auto Arrange in BigPicture?

If you want tight spacing, turn Auto Arrange on, expand and collapse topics individually, and then turn Auto Arrange off. When Auto Arrange is turned on and then off in this way, it remembers the positions of expanded topics. Here's an example:

  1. In BigPicture, click Help » Example Spreadsheets, look in the Basic Maps group, and select TravelCosts.xlsx.
  2. Turn on Auto Arrange. Click Collapse or Expand to » No Topics Collapsed, then immediately click Collapse or Expand to » Root Topic. Turn off Auto Arrange.
  3. Now expand the root topic. You'll see that the spacing of the first-level topics is very large, just as it would be for a fully expanded map.
  4. To return to closer spacing, turn on Auto Arrange, then expand and arrange all topics while Auto Arrange is on. Finally, click Collapse or Expand to » Root Topic and turn of Auto Arrange.

Auto Arrange doesn't work well when there are groups of topics with different parents. Auto Arrange works on single contiguous groups of attached topics, but does not arrange all separate contiguous groups together.

Last edited: 2015-12-24

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