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3.5. I try to edit a Palisade 7.0 report, but it looks like I'm editing a different worksheet.

Applies to:
Evolver 7.0.0 in some builds of Excel 2013
NeuralTools 7.0.0 in some builds of Excel 2013
StatTools 7.0.0 in some builds of Excel 2013

Does not apply to:
@RISK, BigPicture, PrecisionTree, and TopRank in any version of Excel
Evolver, NeuralTools, and StatTools in Excel 2007, 2010, or 2016

(For release 6.x, please see I try to edit a Palisade 6.x report, but it looks like I'm editing a different worksheet.)

I generated a report in StatTools, Evolver, or NeuralTools. When I type into the report, my typing doesn't show up in the report worksheet. Instead, it shows up in a different worksheet.

The problem affects reports generated by Evolver, NeuralTools, and StatTools. After the report is generated, Excel is confused about which cell and worksheet are selected. Excel shows you the report sheet as the active one, and a thicker border around one cell indicates that cell is active. However, typing in that cell doesn't have the desired effect: Excel actually places your typed characters in a cell in another sheet. This happens even if you first select another cell on the report sheet. This is most serious for StatTools reports, because some cells in StatTools reports contain parameters that you can change while you analyze the results, like confidence levels in the Confidence Interval analysis.

The source of the problem is the KB 3085502 update to Microsoft Office 2013, published by Microsoft on 2015-09-08. This affects Excel 2013 builds 15.0.4753 through 15.0.4770. (To see if this affects you, find your Excel 2013 build number by clicking File » Account » About Excel.)

The solution is to install the latest Microsoft Office updates.

If you have Office 365, also called Click-to-Run, this should be done automatically for you by Microsoft Office, and will solve the problem.

If you have installer-based (MSI) Excel 2013, this may or may not be done automatically, depending on your Windows Update settings. If you have selected "Give me updates for other Microsoft products" or similar, then the necessary Office update should be installed automatically. As an alternative, you can download and install the KB 3101499 update from November 2015 manually.

Additional keywords: typing goes to wrong worksheet; wrong cells selected

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