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6.34. Detailed Statistics: Setting Default Targets

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x

In the Detailed Statistics window after a simulation, @RISK gives me the 5th, 10th, 15th, ..., 95th percentiles. I can get additional percentiles in the Target section below that, but is there a way to make them appear automatically?

Open Utilities » Application Settings. In the Windows section, find the Detailed Stats Window Targets line. Click to the right of Automatic, click the drop-down arrow, and enter your desired target percentiles in the form

1, 2.5, 97.5, 99

You can specify up to ten percentiles in this way, with or without % signs. @RISK will display these percentiles, in addition to its standard ones, in the Detailed Statistics window and on the Detailed Statistics report.

Last edited: 2015-09-30

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