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7.3. Setting Y Axis Maximum Not to Exceed 1

Applies to: @RISK 4.5–7.x
@RISK for Project 4.x

I want the y axis values on my histogram to be between 0 and 1. But when I change the default maximum from 2 to 1, the top of the histogram is chopped off. Shouldn't probabilities be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1?

You are probably looking at the default histogram format, which is probability density. With probability density, the heights of the bars are adjusted so that the total area of all the bars is 1. If your data range is small, then the heights of the bars may be greater than 1. If you change the graph format to relative frequency, the y axis will have a maximum of 1 or less.

Beginning with @RISK 6.2, relative frequencies are shown as percentages.  This gives a visual indication whether you're looking at probability density or relative frequency.

For more detailed information, please see Interpreting or Changing the Y Axis of a Histogram.

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