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8.38. "Could not read data from file ...tmp."

Applies to: @RISK 7.0.0 only

When I open a particular file in @RISK, I get an error message similar to this one:

Could not read data from file C:\Users\Fred\Appdata\Local\Temp\Pal765.tmp.

Most files are okay; it's just this one that has a problem.

Was your file created in @RISK 5 or 6, and do you have simulation results saved? By design, @RISK 7 can read @RISK 5 and @RISK 6 simulation results, whether saved in the Excel workbook or in an external file. However, there's one exception. If the stored results were filtered with @RISK 5 or 6's Define Filter command, @RISK 7 can't read them correctly, and various kinds of problems may result, such as the above error message, or Excel crashing or hanging. If the results were not filtered, there's no problem reading them.

This exception was corrected in release 7.0.1. If you still have 7.0.0, and you have simulation results stored in an external RSK5 file, just move or delete it before opening the Excel workbook, so that @RISK doesn't find the results and try to read them. If results are stored in the Excel workbook, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the workbook in Excel, not @RISK. Save the workbook under a different name.
  2. Right-click on any worksheet tab, and select Unhide. Unhide the hidden sheets and delete them. (Excel only lets you unhide sheets one at a time.)
  3. Save the file and close Excel. Launch @RISK 7 and you'll be able to open the file.

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