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10.16. @RISK 6.x VBA Macro Compatibility with 7.x

Applies to: @RISK for Excel 6.x Professional or Industrial Edition, upgrading to @RISK 7.x.
For compatibility of other releases, see Upgrading Palisade Software.

I wrote some macros that call @RISK functions listed in the XDK documentation in @RISK 6.x. Will they work in @RISK 7.x?

All @RISK 6.x macros will work in @RISK 7.x, but you will need to update the reference in Visual Basic Editor » Tools » References. Do this for each workbook where your VBA code calls @RISK functions:

  1. Launch @RISK and open your workbook.

  2. Press Alt-F11 to launch Visual Basic Editor.

  3. Remove check marks for all Palisade or Risk references, and tick (check) RiskXLA and Palisade @RISK 7.x for Excel Object Library only. If you have RISK Industrial and you want to use the RISKOptimizer part of the object model, select Palisade RISKOptimizer 7.x for Excel Developer Kit also. Don't select any others for @RISK, beyond these two or three.

  4. Click OK, close Visual Basic Editor, and save your workbook.

You need to update the reference when transitioning to @RISK 7 from an earlier major version, but not when transitioning between two @RISK 7.x version numbers.

What about the other products: StatTools, PrecisionTree, NeuralTools, and Evolver?

Update the references from 6.x to 7.x in the same way.  Please see Setting References in Visual Basic for these products.

See also: Using VBA to Change References to @RISK.

Last edited: 2018-01-08

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