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6.7. Simulation Statistics for Output Ranges

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

Many of my @RISK outputs are in output ranges, where a group of related outputs share a name. The formulas look like this:

=RiskOutput(,"Profit by Month",1) + formula

=RiskOutput(,"Profit by Month",2) + formula

=RiskOutput(,"Profit by Month",3) + formula

and so on. How can I address these outputs by name in a statistic function like RiskMean( ) or RiskPercentile( )?

Outputs and inputs referenced by name in statistic functions must have unique names, according to the @RISK manual. When the same name is used for multiple outputs, including a range of outputs, statistic functions need to reference them by cell reference rather than by name. Example: =RiskMean(A15).

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