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7.21. Cell References in Tornado Graphs (RiskResultsGraph)

Applies to: @RISK 5.x/6.x

I used RiskResultsGraph( ) to make a tornado graph in my worksheet. The bars were labeled with both the names of the inputs and the worksheet names and cell references. How can I tell RiskResultsGraph( ) to show just the name of each input, not its location?

RiskResultsGraph( ) does place both input names and locations at the left of the bars in some releases of @RISK, and there's no way to change this.

If this is a one-time need, the easy way is to use Browse Results for the output in question. In tornado graphs in the Browse Results window, only the input names appear, not the input locations. Perform any customizations you want, then right-click the graph and select Copy Graph. Click at the desired location in your worksheet and press Ctrl+V, or right-click and select Paste Special.

if you want an automated solution, the Quick Reports don't show cell references in the tornado graphs. The same is true of the Custom Reports introduced in @RISK 7.0.0.

Beginning in @RISK 6.2.0, you can use Visual Basic for Applications to create your tornado and place it in your worksheet. These tornado graphs label each bar with the name of the input, not its location, and you can do many types of customization. A very simple example is attached.

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