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6.3. Specifying Named Users in 1.x/4.x Concurrent Network

Applies to:
All Palisade products 1.x and 4.x licensed with FLEXlm or FLEXnet
(Named users are not supported in 5.x/6.x networks or in non-FLEX 1.x/4.x networks.)

Question 1:
How do I specify named users for my Palisade software with FLEXnet?

To set up the named users, create a plain text file called PALISADE.OPT on the server, in the same folder as the .LIC file.  This .OPT file is plain text, and can be created with any plain-text editor such as Notepad. (If you use a word processor like Microsoft Word, make sure to Save As text.)

The simplest PALISADE.OPT file contains a series of INCLUDEALL commands such as


(for user names JHUBER and AMENDEZ). The INCLUDEALL commands let the named users run all Palisade software mentioned in the license file on that server.

If you have licenses for multiple products, and you want some users to be able to use some products but not others, enter INCLUDE commands for those users rather than INCLUDEALL commands. (You can mix INCLUDE and INCLUDEALL commands for different users.) For details of the INCLUDE command, please see Chapter 5 of the LicensingEndUserGuide PDF that came with the FLEX installer.

Caution: Don't list more users for any license than the licensed number of users. If you do, FLEXnet will appear to accept the file but in fact no one will be able to use the license.  If you're not sure how many users are allowed, open the license file, and on the INCREMENT line(s) look for the word USER_BASED.  The number immediately before that word is the number of licensed named users.

Question 2:
Can I replace named users?

Yes, you can. Edit a copy of the PALISADE.OPT file, checking carefully to make sure that you have spelled the new user's name correctly and that you don't list more users than permitted by the license.  Then replace the old PALISADE.OPT file with the edited copy, run LMTOOLS, and do a reread.

For security reasons, the new list of users will not be effective immediately. Plan ahead and update your list of users a day in advance to allow time for the change to take effect.

last edited: 2012-06-11

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