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4.1. SQL — Do I Need to Install It?

Disponible en español: SQL – Es necesario instalarlo?
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Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

At the end of my install of @RISK or The DecisionTools Suite, I see the Finish button but I also see an option to install SQL.  How do I decide whether to install it or not?

SQL is optional.  You may or may not need it if you want to use the @RISK Library feature of @RISK's Professional and Industrial Editions. Only the @RISK Library feature depends on SQL; no other features of @RISK and none of the other DecisionTools Suite applications use SQL. The Library feature is not present in version 8 of @RISK.

The @RISK Library lets you store customized probability distributions and simulation results. You can reuse these model components and share them with other users. (@RISK simulation results can also be stored in the Excel workbook or in an external .RSK5 file, but the @RISK Library makes it easier to manage them.) See "Library" in the video Guided Tour of @RISK; the Library is similar in other @RISK versions.

Here's your road map for deciding whether to install SQL:

See also: SQL for @RISK Library on Another Computer

Last edited: 2020-03-19

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