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5.5. Changing a 5.x Concurrent Client to a Standalone License

Applies to:
All Palisade network software, release 5.x
(For 6.x network software, see Changing a 6.x Concurrent Client to a Standalone License.)

We have a concurrent network license, and we want to give one user an independent (standalone) license but keep the other users on the network license.  Can this be done?

Yes, with one caution: If you have multiple Palisade products on a given workstation, they must be either all standalone or all network licenses; you can't mix standalone and network Palisade software on one workstation.

Please follow this procedure to change a network license to standalone for just one user:

1. Contact your Palisade sales representative to purchase the standalone license.

2. On the client workstation, use Control Panel » Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs) to uninstall the Palisade software.

3. Open Regedit and delete this key in the System Registry:
Or in 64-bit Windows delete this key:

4. Install the new standalone software.

last edited: 2013-01-03

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